ImaginDAN’s YouTube series: I Can Draw, You Can Draw, We Can Draw!

ImaginDAN’s YouTube Series: I Can Draw, You Can Draw, We Can Draw

In each episode ImaginDAN inspires viewers to become creators. Through his relatable approach he challenges them to think, imagine, and create.  The topics vary from downright silly all the way to important subjects that children are dealing with in todays world.

ImaginDAN always focuses on the “Process” of creating, not results.  He also consistently utilizes his special I Can Draw, You Can Draw, We Can Draw cheer to empower the viewers to create with confidence. 

Another unique aspect of each video is there are timed drawings.  This energizes the creative process and kids absolutely love it.

The episodes can be viewed by an entire class and used as an Art event or can be done at home as a creative project.  Either way the children will be getting a good dose of fun and positive reinforcement that ImaginDAN believes is so important to building creative confidence.

They are also great to check out before a virtual visits to get the students comfortable with ImaginDAN and ready to create when he leads an activity.

Click the link below and check one out for yourself, you will have fun!