Teachers – Classroom Visits

ImaginDAN creative confidence classroom visit.
ImaginDAN would love to visit your classroom! 

ImaginDAN Virtual Visit – ImaginDAN will visit your class using any virtual platform.  Leading your class in a Creative Confidence session focused on the power of the imagination.  He can also customize the visit based on your current curriculum or lesson plan.  This curriculum enhancement is meant to bring a creative component to learning and provide some active stimulation to the virtual classroom.

ImaginDAN Live – ImaginDAN will visit your school or classroom.  ImaginDAN brings the energy to your school and empowers Creative Confidence of your students.  During every visit ImaginDAN is part motivator and part teacher. The goal is always to help every student see the value of their imagination and how fun it is to use it!  His energy, inclusion, and encouragement help the students get past the “I can’t’s.”  Teachers are excited by not only their students creations, but how that creative confidence then translates to other aspects of school day.

ImaginDAN YouTube Channel – A great way introduce ImaginDAN is through his YouTube channel.  The series I Can Draw, You Can Draw, We Can Draw is focused mainly on getting the viewers actively drawing and creating through guided sessions. Teachers and Educators can use these episodes as a creative activity that’s fun, safe, and quick. Each episode provides a glimpse into what ImaginDAN brings into the classroom.   The focus is primarily on the “process” of creating not results.