Library Visits & Collaboration

ImaginDAN loves libraries and librarians!!!

ImaginDAN’s first ever live event was at a library.  He’s worked with several libraries providing live events, programming options, and promotional opportunities.

Here’s an example of what happened when ImaginDAN and Buncombe County Public Libraries (the Asheville area in North Carolina) partnered to help launch a new platform called Biblioboard. This is called, “Inspiration ABC” with the ABC standing for Asheville, Buncombe County.

Live Events – ImaginDAN will come to your library and provide a Creative Confidence session that can be focused on enrichment or align with a library program.  Libraries are more than just a place for books.  They are engaging community centers that are essential to multiple populations of every city or town.  ImaginDAN understands the power of the library and brings energy and fun with every visit!!! 

Custom Content – As shown above with Buncombe County Libraries, if your library has an event, program, or platform that needs energy to help promote it, ImaginDAN is your guy.  ImaginDAN can work directly with library staff to see what the needs are and what he can bring to the table.  This custom solution combines the goal of each library with the power of creative collaboration.  

Creative Technology Solutions – ImaginDAN has access to creative platforms that help your library or library system deliver a quick creative activity at the push of a button. These platforms enhance the offerings of your library by empowering any librarian to have access to “Instant Activity” options for individuals or groups.