Creative Confidence For Kids

“Knowledge answers questions, creativity changes the world”

ImaginDAN inspires children to reach their creative potential by fostering and empowering their Creative Confidence.

“The Mr. Rogers of Creativity”

A Quick Note

Hello Friends,

Many parents and teachers call me, “The Mr. Rogers of Creativity” because of my ability to inspire children to push their creative boundaries.

I have some simple rules:

  • Every child aspires to meet their creative potential
  • Every child needs to feel comfortable creating and exploring
  • Every parent and teacher wishes for simpler solutions

I believe that together we can elevate and enrich our children’s wellbeing through Creative Confidence and utilizing the power of their imaginations.

Let’s do this!

– ImaginDAN

ImaginDAN’s Method: The 4 P’s

ImaginDAN’s method to improve the Creative Confidence of today’s students comes down to the 4 P’s.


Let’s give kids the permission to think creatively. We have to give them permission to make mistakes.  Permission to take risks.  In today’s test heavy curriculum, being “right” far outweighs being creative.  Teachers have few options that blend curriculum learning with imagination based learning. That’s what makes ImaginDAN’s program so unique. 


Whether it’s art or creative writing our young people (really all of us) sometime need a spark to ignite our creativity.  ImaginDAN’s program provides just enough info to get the students thinking and then they take it from there.  And since they have permission to be creative, the results often surprise the teacher and sometimes even the student. 


ImaginDAN loves the word “Practice” because it means two things to him. When we practice we don’t have the pressure to be perfect.  ImaginDAN promotes this idea to his students, especially those have anxiety issues.  No pressure, we are just practicing. In addition, practice can mean consistency.  ImaginDAN firmly believes imaginative learning needs to be a consistent practice. Just like any muscle the Imagination Muscle needs to used or it will atrophy.


ImaginDAN believes in teaching children to embrace and love the “Process” of creating not the results.  Self worth comes growth and development not from comparing results with others. 

What People Say About ImaginDAN

“ImaginDAN awakened a level of creative confidence that I had never seen before in my classroom!”

Samantha R.Elementary Educator

“ImaginDAN is so sincere and respectful in his delivery – his enthusiasm is infectious – and we all had a blast”

Jesse F.Youth Librarian

“We have started to incorporate drawing and imaginative play into our daily reading lessons. I have already seen a great improvement in my son’s focusing ability!”

Jessica M.Parent